Storm Tharp Exhibiting in Converge 45

PDX Contemporary artist Storm Tharp with be exhibiting along with 30+ regionally and nationally known artists at Converge 45, as part of Guest Artistic Director Kristy Edmunds' curatorial vision YOU IN MIND. Tharp will be presenting new work at the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture at PNCA and the exhibition will be up from August 9 – September, 2017.

Storm Tharp, Born in Ontario, Oregon, 1970, takes his inspiration from a wide- ranging set of influences. The raw content of the work stems from the characterization of human experience, tying his interpretations and results through different styles that he employs. Figurative or otherwise, the work reflects personal history, broader sociocultural distortions, and universal truths. The artist investigates the performance of identity and the stage in which the object, the message, and the ideal are presented and eventually played out. In a statement, Tharp describes his process: “In my figurative work, the primary interest has been to unfold various traditions of painting and sculpture into my own, emerging with something altogether new. It involves fumbling around in the dark while simultaneously maintaining the driving projection of where I want the work to land and reflect what I believe in. If one portrait imbues an entire life story,  the colorfield works exercise an emotional code of unraveling that story. And in this way, I believe the portrait and the field are equivalent, like twins from different fathers. In recent years, my paintings have resembled propositions for sculpture. Torn, cut, and reconstructed—as if to exorcise the interior life as operatively distinct from the exterior veneer.”


Tharp’s work was featured in the 2010 Whitney Biennial and has been acquired by the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York; Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, New York; Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon; Saatchi Gallery, London, England; and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego,  La Jolla, Califrornia. He was recently featured in Disjecta’s Portland2016 Biennial, curated by Michelle Grabner. Tharp received his BFA from Cornell University. Lives and works in Portland, Oregon.